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  1. Teacher Formation through Catapult Learning and Teachscape

    Teachscape is an on-line tool that integrates diagnostic tools to foster feedback and inform professional learning so evaluations lead to improvement in educator practice and student success. This week, we send out the application form for principals and administrators to apply for Co-Hort One! The first co-hort will help develop the electronic Archdiocesan form that will be used to help identify and track instructional strategies that improve student learning! Susan Abelein, from Catapult Learning, ...

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    OCS Overview , Curriculum
  2. 2014 Regional Curriculum Day Post-Survey


    Your feedback is helpful for planning future professional development, please visit the following web link to post your comments:

    Thank you!
    Kristin Dixon
    OCS Overview , Curriculum
  3. Teacher Excellence Day 2014

    Believe it or not, while you are deep into April, we are planning for October 3, 2014 – Teacher Excellence Day! Our theme, “From Strength to Strength” taken from the Strategic Plan, inspires us to identify strengths…and to share! We will send out the teacher / administrator presenter form in the next two weeks.

    For more information, please contact Kristin Dixon at or Lisa O'Leary at

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  4. Report Card Standards and Standards Based Grading

    We are jumping in, all in! This is the crux of the work! In both Religion and ELA, educators need to be very familiar with the standards, and exactly what, how and why we measure student growth. Standards give us this opportunity to be clear about our expectations, and clarify grading policies. Do we have a policy? Is it different in every school? In every classroom? Standards give us a common place to begin this conversation.

    In the afternoon, on April 29, from 1:00 ...

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    OCS Overview , Curriculum
  5. Standards-based Grading and Reporting Committee Meeting- April 29th

    by , Apr-07-2014 at 09:50 AM (Instructional Services Blog - Sandra Barton Smith)
    Dear School Leaders,

    On March 18, the OCS held our first informal gathering to consider the timing of moving more effectively into standards-based grading and standards-based reporting prototypes. Our school leaders were very positive and felt the timing is right for us to move forward with committee design work. Members of the ELA Committee will also be joining us in this conversation.

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Standards-based Grading and Report Card Committee ...
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