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  1. English Language Arts Committee Work

    The ELA Committee worked very hard last week, reviewing the rubric from our Teacher Excellence Day, making the teacher-suggested edits from both the evaluations and the group process. We then reviewed the grade level student samples, carefully choosing best examples of a 4, 3, 2 or 1 paper. Then the committee members created “justification statements” for each of the samples. We have one more meeting before we roll out our ELA Implementation Tool-Kit of Resources. Look for our work to ...
  2. Teachscape - Don't miss this opportunity!

    Imagine…Teacher Formation…Ongoing support...Knowing first-hand what is actually happening in classrooms…Just a few spots left for Teachscape Co-Hort Three! I offer these testimonials:

    “In using the Teachscape tool, I can give immediate feedback in an email to each teacher in what I have observed or not observed. This has led to many empowering conversations about the craft of teaching and how to improve our instructional capacity to enhance both instruction and learning. ...

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