• Operation Rice Bowl supplies on your doorsteps

    Catholic Relief Services has shipped the bulk shipment of Operation Rice Bowl (ORB) supplies (to all parishes and to participating schools)! On arrival please check the shipment to assure you have received the amount of (free) materials needed for your community this Lent. We have communicated to each parish and participating school’s Rice Bowl coordinator (that might be you!) more information about their order of materials for 2012, and asked the Coordinator to check to see if enough Rice Bowls/Calendars and other items have been received; we can gladly order more for you as needed. NOTE: Again this year the Calendar Guides are inserted into the Rice Bowls.

    As you and colleagues prepare for the Lent season, you might want to visit the Catholic Relief Services ORB web site: http://orb.crs.org. One can find there the online version of all the print materials, plus more downloadable resources for parish ministries and education programs, school classrooms, and individual and household activities and prayer (e.g. bulletin announcements and insert to use before or at the start of Lent).

    If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please contact us in the Missions Office. Thank you! - Kelly Hickman, Erin Getchman, J.L. Drouhard

    And don't forget to RSVP for the online Rice Bowl training January 25th @ 10:00am!!!

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