• Office for Catholic Schools Services 2013-2014

    Contact us at:
    Office for Catholic Schools
    Archdiocese of Seattle
    710 Ninth Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Phone: 206-382-4861 or 1-800-473-5651
    Fax: 206-654-4651
    Email: ocs@seattlearch.org

    Rev. Stephen C. Rowan, Ph.D.
    Superintendent for Catholic Schools

    1. Archdiocesan School Board
    2. Principals' Retreat and Meetings
    3. New Schools Affiliation/Expansion
    4. Executive Principals' Committee
    5. High School and Rainbow Regional Meetings
    6. Washington State Catholic Conference
    7. OCS Budget Supervision
    8. Strategic Plan/Design and Implementation

    Janeal Grosinger

    Aministrative Coordinator to the Superintendent, Asst to Accreditation and Marketing Superintendents

    1. Archdiocesan School Board Support including minutes
    2. Executive Principals' Meetings including minutes
    3. Scheduling Superintendent’s School Visits
    4. Festival of High School Choirs
    5. OCS Central Calendar
    6. OCS Office Support
    7. OCS Budget Support
    8. OCS Website Editor
    9. Archbishop’s High School Leadership Dinner

    Karen Tarabochia, M.Ed.

    Assistant Superintendent, Policies and Personnel

    1. Interpretation and Implementation of Personnel Policies and Procedures
    2. Recruitment and Training of Teachers and Principals
    3. Principal/Teacher Certification and Requirements
    4. Principal/Teacher Evaluation Process
    5. Personnel Services/Concerns and Complaints
    6. School Commission Training
    7. Regional Superintendent for Eastside and South King/South Seattle Deaneries (Advisory Board - O’Dea and Kennedy Catholic High Schools)
    8. Provides Leadership in Consulting with universities to Support leadership Development for Aspiring School Administration Candidates

    Krista Van Dyke
    Administrative Assistant, Policies and Personnel

    1. AppliTrack for New and Current Employees including Substitutes
    2. New Principals In-service and Training
    3. New Teachers Training
    4. Recording and verifying Principal/Teacher Certifications and Evaluations
    5. OCS Office Support
    6. Service Awards
    7. Administrative Support for Principals' Meetings
    8. Administrative Support for Principals’ Retreat

    Sandra Barton Smith, M.Ed.

    Assistant Superintendent, Data and Technology

    1. Data Gathering, Assessment and Dissemination
    2. Technology Development and Consortia
    3. Title Programs Liaison
    4. Diversified Learners Committee
    5. Facilitates Professional Collaboration through the Consortia
    6. Regional Superintendent for North Seattle and Northern/Snohomish Regions
    7. Member of Board of Trustees - Archbishop Murphy High School and Board of Advisors - Bishop Blanchet High School
    8. Serves as Consultant for Groups Seeking to Start New Catholic Schools

    Vireak Ath
    Web Developer/Technology Support

    1. Web Design/Web Development
    2. Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination
    3. Server Maintenance
    4. IT Equipment Maintenance
    5. Registration of Meetings and Events
    6. Pastor/Principal Weekly Mailing
    7. OCS Tech Support

    Kay Purcell, M.Ed.

    Assistant Superintendent, School Accreditation

    1. School Accreditation Services
    2. Western Catholic Elementary Association Commissioner
    3. Regional Superintendent for Southern, South Sound Regions (Board Member - Seton Catholic and John Paul II High Schools)

    Kristin Dixon, M.Ed.
    Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Professional Development

    1. Curriculum Development that Supports All Areas of Student Learning
    2. Supports Catholic Faith Across All Areas of Student Learning
    3. Common Curriculum “In-Depth” for Accreditation Study
    4. Washington State Clock Hours
    5. Collaborates and Plans Professional Development Opportunities through: Regional Curriculum Day, Teacher Excellence Day, Summer Leadership Institute Partnered with Seattle University
    6. Consultant for Schools when Pursuing New Models of Curriculum
    7. Regional Superintendent for Pierce and Olympic Regions
    8. Provides Leadership in Consulting with Universities to Support Leadership Development for Aspiring School Administration Candidates

    Lisa O'Leary
    Administrative Assistant, Curriculum & Professional Development, and Technology & Data Management

    1. Northwest Catholic Educational Leadership Institute at Seattle University
    2. Teacher Excellence Day
    3. Washington State Clock Hours Support
    4. School Accreditation Support
    5. Regional Curriculum Development Day
    6. Administrative Support for Curriculum and Professional Development, Title Programs and Diversified Learners Committees
    7. OCS Office Support

    Carl Swenson, Ph.D.

    Technology Consultant

    1. Database Creation and Management
    2. AppliTrack Management
    3. Web Editing and Support
    4. Technology Training and Help
    5. Document Organization and Retention

    Tim Hunt
    Assistant Superintendent - Enrollment Management and Marketing

    1. Marketing and Communication Strategy for Catholic Schools
    2. OCS Marekting Strategy/Fulcrum Foundation
    3. Design and Project Management
    4. Marketing Consultant
    5. Marketing Liaison
    6. Budget Analysis and Management
    7. Oversees Delegated or Outsourced Projects

    For general information, please email: ocs@seattlearch.org

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