• Office for Catholic Schools Strategic Plan Has Been Approved

    TO: School Leaders
    Rev. Stephen C. Rowan, Ph.D.
    DATE: February 21, 2014
    SUBJECT: Office for Catholic Schools Strategic Plan Has Been Approved
    LINK: StrategicPlan.pdf

    Dear Principals:
    On February 11th, Archbishop Sartain approved the strategic plan for strengthening the mission of Catholic schools, which was developed through a year-long process in 2013, with the assistance of ACE Consulting of Notre Dame. The plan, keyed to the four themes of our mission, contains 33 actions and 124 tasks. The plan is inspired by the importance and the great gift of our 74 Catholic schools and responds to the question: “What can we do together that we cannot do so well alone?” It upholds a vision for our schools of excellence, accessibility, and collaboration.
    At our next principals’ meeting on March 13th, I will present the highlights of the plan and will distribute to you a “Vision Statement” in English and in Spanish that provides the actions, the reason for the plan, and a progress report on the implementation of the plan.
    Many people participated in the planning process and deserve our thanks: The steering committee and several subcommittees, the Archdiocesan School Board, pastors and pastoral leaders, principals and staff of our schools, many interested stakeholders, and the Office for Catholic Schools.
    I look forward to seeing you at the meeting and the celebration on March 13th at the Palisades.

    Rev. Stephen C. Rowan, Ph.D.
    Superintendent for Catholic Schools

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