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    Application form - complete this form and return to the Office for Catholic Schools
    Attach to the application the following:

    1. Course Objectives
    2. Instructor Vita
    3. Agenda (Please note: if applying for PLC training or a series of workshops, all agendas must be submitted).
    4. Sign in Sheet (Please note: if applying for PLC training or a series of workshops, all sign in sheets must be submitted).
    5. Evaluation Forms (Please note: if applying for PLC training or a series of workshops, you may conduct one evaluation at the end of the series.)
    6. Additional Documentation for PLCs/ Workshop Series* (see below)

      ****Please note that the Christ in the Classroom Foundational Local Retreat is designed to be a 5 hour single setting experience and does not qualify for the PLC/Workshop Series clock hours. The OCS designs a completed CIC Clock hour application on behalf of all schools for each CIC Retreat. Schools ONLY needs to submit local CIC Retreat agenda, CIC sign-in sheet, and complete the ONLINE CIC SurveyMonkey evaluation.

    • CIC Great Mysteries 2.0 Retreat Evaluation Link
    • CIC Missionary Spirit Retreat Evaluation Link

      We will only accept completed application forms with all required attachments.

      Note that the State requires that an in-service cover a minimum of three (3) hours on a topic; however, the hours can be distributed over more than one day.

      *If Applying for Clock Hours for PLC Training or a Series of Workshops, please:

      • Include individual certificates for your teachers awarding clock hours based on their attendance. You can download the certificate template below and create individual certificates for each PLC participant. Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed and Kristin will sign individual certificates.
      • Contact Lisa O’Leary at lisa.oleary@seattlearch.org with questions about creating individual certificates.


    1. Send the complete application to: Lisa OLeary at lisa.oleary@seattlearch.org
    2. Every three months, our office will send the Clock Hour certificates to the schools who have applied with completed applications.

    • Applications received between August 1 and October 30, will be processed during the first week of November
    • Applications received between November 1 and February 28, will be processed during the first week of March
    • Applications received between March 1 and June 15, will be processed by June 30.

    2015 OCS ClockHourEvaluation.doc
    2015 Presenter Vita Form.doc
    2017 Online Clock Hr App Form.doc
    Clock Hours Sign-In Sheet.doc
    Update Cert Temp Different Hours

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