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    Diversified Learners Committee
    Office for Catholic Schools - Archdiocese of Seattle

    “Inclusion begins in our hearts. It begins with affirmation. We should open our hearts to one another and recognize the strengths of every person. When we open our hearts and our community to the gifts each person brings, we are all strengthened.”
    Cardinal Joseph Bernadin 11/12/06

    Mission Statement: The Diversified Learners Committee (DLC) is a dynamic group of principals, teachers, and parents whose work is intended to support students of varying ability and diverse learning needs as inclusive members in Catholic school classrooms.

    Belief Statements
    • The DLC commits to educating the whole child: spiritually, academically and socially.
    • The DLC is rooted in the belief that inclusion is a cornerstone of our mission.
    • The DLC is dedicated to including exceptional learners in Catholic schools.

    • The DLC continually provides professional development to all faculty and staff.
    • The DLC guides regional support between our Catholic schools in the teaching and learning of diverse learners.
    • The DLC promotes inclusion of students through the sharing of common resources.
    • The DLC combines efforts with the Office for Pastoral Care to broaden the scope of archdiocesan services to those families most in need, working collaboratively with our school pastors and parish staff.

    DL Committee Work
    • The DL Committee would like to invite all school employees to study and use the electronic resources we have been gathering to assist you and your local community in serving all in our care.
    • Teachers, how can you join a regional DL team? Please visit our DL Roster and contact directly the DL Regional team leader to find out the dates and times of the 2017-2018 regional meetings schedule. Our goal is to have one representative from each school join and collaborate with each regional DL regional team.
    • Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic School Employees: Our online resources are growing and we are happy to share the fruits of our labor. Please visit the OCS Diversified Learners Online Forum at: http://www.ocsww.org/site/forumdisplay.php?f=73

    Find your Diversified Learners Committee members click here

    Inclusion Ministry Resources at the Archdiocese of Seattle
    Accessibility Search and Resources to Open Doors shared by the Inclusion Ministry

    Mental Health and Wellness for all learners is an important dimension to serve diverse learners. Please visit: Mental Health and Faith Community Partnerships.
    and Mental Health Resources organized by St. James Cathedral Mental Health Ministry. The Archdiocese of Seattle's Mental Health Ministry is also an excellent source for additional resources.

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