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    "All persons with disabilities have the capacity to proclaim the Gospel and to be living witnesses to its truth within the community of faith and offer valuable gifts. Their involvement enriches every aspect of Church life."~ National Directory for Catechesis: Catechesis with Persons with Disabilities (no. 49) Washington, D.C.: USCCB, 2005.

    One of the major initiatives of the 2014 OCS Strategic Plan is to celebrate and serve all students in our care and welcome new families to work with us to build more inclusive faith communities. Specifically, the Office for Catholic Schools, in consultation with the Archdiocesan School Board, the Executive Principals, and the Diversified Learners Committee and in accordance with the mission of Catholic education, will develop and promote the implementation of policies and procedures to maximize student admissions, classroom placement and instruction, and educational resources for diversified learners at the local school level.

    Resources to Open Doors shared by the Inclusion Ministry, Archdiocese of Seattle are located at http://www.seattlearchdiocese.org/Et...resources.aspx
    Resources for Families from the Archdiocese of Seattle
    Resources for Parishes and Schools from the Archdiocese of Seattle

    To study our 73 Catholic schools, please visit: School Finder at http://www.seattlearchdiocese.org/Sc...oolFinder.aspx

    While there are many websites that have wonderful resources for parents, the DL Committee is very pleased with Understood.org. Understood.org is a great resource for parents of children with Learning and Attention issues. The website is in both English and Espaņol and includes a thoughtful Parent Toolkit.

    Mental Health and Wellness for all learners
    is an important dimension to serve diverse learners. Please visit: Mental Health and Faith Community Partnerships.
    and Mental Health Resources organized by St. James Cathedral Mental Health Ministry. The Archdiocese of Seattle's Mental Health Ministry is also an excellent source for additional resources. We support the work of FOREFRONT Suicide Prevention, a social impact center at the University of Washington School of Social Work, dedicated to preventing suicide through systemic change, education, and advocacy.
    Grief Ministry Resources for Families
    Grief Ministry Resources for Parishes and Schools

    Safety Plan Resources
    - regardless of physical abilities

    The Office for Catholic Schools is excited to grow in our partnership with Special Olympics of Washington in the areas of service and extra-curricular opportunities. To learn more about Special Olympics of Washington (SOWA), please visit: http://www.specialolympicswashington.org/sowa/about
    • To learn more about Project Unify through SOWA, please visit: http://specialolympicswashington.org/unified/ or watch this video highlighting Project UNIFY.
    • To volunteer as a family for many of the upcoming Special Olympics activities and events near you, please visit: www.specialolympicswashington.org/sowa/calendar
    • Get Into It Curriculum: https://getintoit.specialolympics.org/ The Special Olympics Get Into It K - 12 Curriculum consists of online resources that include lessons, activities, videos, athlete stories and supplemental materials. At the core of Get Into It are age-appropriate lessons designed to be taught in the context of class periods. Activities with ties to service learning are completed in a classroom or community setting, as part of a club, an afterschool activity (ie: Unified Drama) or a community based event and include involvement with local Special Olympics Programs whenever possible. The curriculum is free; please log in to establish your account and use generously.

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