• School Office Monthly Tasks

    Please submit additional tasks to ocs@seattlearch.org


    - New Teacher Orientation - Have teachers register and attend
    - Update staff online data in - CSED (Catholic Schools Employee Database) CSED Help
    - Edit CSED for Roles and Positions - Catholic Schools Employee Database
    - AESOP Substitute Management information
    - Edit "School Finder" at SeattleArchdiocese.org
    - Continue working with parish leadership on .80 Report Indices of Vitality - Finances
    - Locate resources to support Curriculum and Assessment this year
    Review Emergency Plan: Lockdown, Fire, Earthquake
    - Review Records Retention Schedule for Archdiocesan Catholic Schools and Archives
    - Check hire dates and re-do staff background checks older than 3 years
    - Faculty In-service: Review Personnel section and ask teachers to fill out sign-off sheet
    - Apply for clock hours
    - Confirm Safe Environment Participation and add sign off sheet to files
    - Prepare for Government Programs consultation process
    - Review School Handbooks for revisions and additions


    - Check new hires for background check and Safe Environment compliance. Background checks and online training must be renewed every 3 years. Questions? Email sep@seattlearch.org
    - Practice fire, earthquake and lockdown drills (schedule for yearly practices).
    - Send yearly student insurance letter.
    (See OCS Forms: Student Insurance)
    - Continue to update staff online data and edit roles and positions in - CSED (Catholic Schools Employee Database)
    CSED Editing Tutorial
    - Frontline Absence Management (Aesop) information and information for teachers
    - New Substitutes? Please review this page for your own reference and direct them to complete this paperwork. They must submit this paperwork prior to subbing.
    - Frontline Applicant Tracking (Applitrack) updates for ongoing hiring

    - Prepare for Fall School Data Collection window: (School Data Collection Tool - NCEA)


    – Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grants Program
    – Christ in the Classroom Retreats occurring locally – October 12
    – Fall School Data Collection (NCEA) Launches Sept. 17 and due October 1
    – OSPI – DOH Immunization Reports:
    All private schools and licensed preschools must report the immunization status of students by Nov. 1 each year per state law (WAC 246-105-060). Access the current report form here.
    – OSPI Compliance: Enrollment & Staff Reporting:
    The memo is emailed near the end of September; Application opens early October and will closes mid-November; Use enrollment as of October 1; all instructional staff and head of school must be reported; Make sure you “Submit” both enrollment and staff reports—“Saving” does not submit the report to this office. (Use EDS system – EDS (https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/login.aspx)
    10.4.18 Update: To get your EDS account set up, contact Linda Drake (linda.drake@k12.wa.us) or Parker Teed (parker.teed@k12.wa.us) in the State Board of Education.
    – Principal Leadership Meeting October 25 – Make sure your principals register and attend


    - OSPI deadlines: Immunization (11/1) and Enrollment (11/15)
    - Review Safe Environment Plan and set dates for student participation (Virtus)
    - Plan for emergency closures and notify all of procedures (See Snow Procedures)
    - Begin teacher and staff evaluations (complete no later than March)


    - Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Applications open - Fulcrum Grant in Aid
    - Begin planning for Catholic Schools Week and registration for next school year
    - Begin collecting information to complete Annual Accreditation Progress Report

    - Fulcrum Foundation Tuition Assistance Grants Applications due early January.
    - Principal submits packet to Elementary Pastor: Elementary Pastor Intent Packet
    - Principal submits intent to OCS: Elementary Principal Intent Packet
    - HS Principal submits intent to OCS: Secondary Principal Hiring Intent Packet
    - HS Principal submits to HS Supervisor: Secondary Supervisor Hiring Intent Packet
    - Evaluation Deadlines (Principal by Pastor): Memo
    - Plan for new hires:Recruitment Timetable
    - Begin 2019 - 2020 Academic Calendar Planning - Calendar due March 1
    - Celebration of Light: Fulcrum Foundation
    - Prepare for a wonderful Catholic Schools Week
    - Plan March Regional Curriculum In-Service Day
    - OSPI Compliance: Private Participation in Federal Programs:
    The OSPI online tool will open in February and will close in April. Selection of services provided by local public school districts from federal funds. ALL Non-profit schools must complete the form whether you will be participating or not - use EDS system)
    - Service Awards: Memo from OCS
    - Print Service Award certificates (if desired): Award Certificate Template


    - Edit CSED for Roles and Positions - Catholic Schools Employee Database
    - Teacher Intent and Recruitment: Memo and Form
    Employment Issues: Memo
    Fulcrum Tuition Assistance deadline: Fulcrum Foundation
    -Mid-winter Christ in the Classroom Retreats locally
    - Order ACRE Assessment materials for Grades 5 and 8 for APRIL testing window
    - OSPI Compliance:
    Private Education Approval Bulletin will be emailed in February; applications need to be completed by mid-April for May approval and by mid- June for July approval.
    - Consultation Preparation - Title I: Prepare lists of the addresses of low income students by public school district to discuss during Title I consultation. You may wish to review these tips, use this family income survey, or generate this report of low-income students on FACTS. ​
    - Festival of High School Choirs - Benaroya Hall

    2019-20 Academic Calendar due March 1st
    Resignation/Termination of Employment Memo
    - Secure funding and apply for clock hours - Regional Curriculum In-Service Day
    - Service Awards: Memo due April 13th
    - 2018-19 Service Awards: Template
    - Elementary 7th Grade Awards: Memo Pins
    - Plan 7th Grade Recognition Ceremony (if applicable): Certificate Forms (under All Forms)
    - NCEA Convention: NCEA
    - OSPI Compliance: Submit your request for Private School Annual Re-Approval


    - Online registration opens for New Teacher Orientation Registration
    - Prepare 2019 - 2020 Employee Covenants
    - Federal Funding Consultation with local district
    - Send Employee Termination Report to Office for Catholic Schools for all employees not returning


    - Submit Safe Environment compliance documents
    - Prepare and collect signed covenants
    OSPI Private School Annual Approval Report - Final chance - due early June
    - Spring Data Collection window - Mid-May through June
    - Send student records to high schools


    - Edit CSED - Catholic Schools Employee Database and CSED Edit Tutorial
    - Edit "School Finder" at www.SeattleArchdiocese.org
    - Review Records Retention Schedule for Archdiocesan Catholic Schools
    - 2019 New Principals' Orientation: Register and attend, if applicable
    - Plan for School's Faculty and Staff In-Service Day in August
    - OSPI Compliance: Weapons Reporting for 2018 - 2019 is mailed mid-May. Reports are due mid-July. This is a report of any weapons incidents at your school during the 2018 - 19 school year. The form must be completed even if you have no incidents to report. OSPI link
    - Summer Budget Review: .80 Roll up Budget report to PAA then Archdiocese on or before August 15.

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