• Missionary Discipleship Institute Updates and 17-18 Planning

    You are preparing to be Christians capable of making courageous choices and decisions, in order to build daily, even through little things, a world of peace. - Pope Francis to youth, Jan 6, 2016

    Beloved MDI Teacher Community –

    Congratulations on completing a full year of the MDI! We are overwhelmed by the number of schools that participated this year in the Institute, bringing missionary discipleship into our classrooms and out into the world – hallelujah!

    Below are several important items to which we appreciate your kind attention …

    MDI is OCS - approved core religion curriculum for seventh grade!
    We recently met with Kristin Dixon and Sandy Barton Smith in OCS, who let us know that they are adding the MDI units and lesson plans as an approved core religion curriculum option for seventh grade – yahoo! Read about this and more in the OCS June Monthly Teacher Mailing here: http://www.ocsww.org/site/content.ph...ling-June-2017.

    Bridging the MDI over the summer – going forth to the 8th grade
    We have heard from two MDI teachers about how they are assigning MDI homework over the summer – many thanks to Margaret Whetham at Holy Rosary in Seattle, and to Mollie Overa at Our Lady of Fatima, also in Seattle. Be inspired by (and maybe even borrow!) these ideas, uploaded online for you here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz...W5hLXVzbXpaa1U (And feel free to share with us what your class is doing this summer!)

    2017 - 18 MDI
    We are holding 2 Formation Days for the upcoming year of MDI – August 21st and September 21st. The locations will be determined once we have an idea of who all is signed up. We plan at this time to offer one date north of Seattle, and one date south of Seattle.
    MISSIONARY DISCIPLESHIP INSTITUTE SIGN-UP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...TlfDw/viewform

    Blessings on your close-out of the school year and that you each have relaxing, rejuvenating, and inspiring summers!

    Peace and joy!
    Anna + Kelly

    Kelly Hickman
    Missions Office
    (206) 382-4582


    Anna Johnson
    Maryknoll - Regional Team Leader
    (206) 322-8831

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