• What's in My Desk?

    Please follow-up with your faculty and staff to share and use the updated curriculum resources that are housed in MY DESK.

    • The new Catechetical Certification Program for all Catholic Schools, entitled Christ in the Classroom is beginning to launch this school year. Please follow this link learn more about Christ in the Classroom Foundation.CIC resources will be shared and available at the Principals Retreat Sept. 21-22 as school leaders prepare for the local CIC Retreat(s) this year.
    • CURRICULUM: Depository for PreK-12 Religion, English-Language Arts, Math, and Science resources and toolkits are available NOW! Social Studies will be the 2017 -2018 in-depth curricular focus.
    • INSTRUCTION and ASSESSMENT: Depository for Planning tools, NWEA-MAP, ACRE for Grades 5 and 8, GRACE Project, and Instructional Support for both Elementary and High Schools.
    • GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS: Depository for Title IA, Title IIA, Title III, Consultation Resources, IDEA Special Education and additional resources.
    • EDvantage is an online document that promotes specific professional development opportunities for teachers and principals of Catholic schools. Currently, the pdf version is available for your review. Please visit and share: EDvantage.
    • ALL CONTACT LISTS link continues to improve as each school edits their CSED. Find teachers by grade level and/or by subjects, find roles, find positions! Quality control request: Principals, please click on MY LIST: My School to double-check to see if ALL of your school employees are on your online list. This is a reflection of who is in or not in the CSED database at your school. Thank you!
    • Need OCS access to get into MYDESK? Check with your local building CSED administrator or contact ocs@seattlearch.org
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