• Water Systems Symposium

    You are invited to our 3rd Annual Water Systems Symposium November 4 facilitated by Sustainability Ambassadors and sponsored by Cascade Water Alliance.

    Every year, over 100 systems thinkers (like you) gather for an invigorating study of water systems including water supply, wastewater treatment, and stormwater management.

    Six Stupendous Reasons to Register!

    1. Enjoy fast-paced technical talks from experts (8-minutes max… it’s an art form!)
    2. Enjoy the mini-Q&A after each speaker so you can get answers right away
    3. Applaud as our special studio audience! All talks become part of our expanding Video Library
    4. Engage in our breakout workshops featuring PBL Curriculum Case Studies
    5. Beta test our new open source Community Impact Mapping Tool www.mywater.world
    6. Digest the most sustainable sandwich in the world (FREE LUNCH) catered by Homegrown

    Spread the word! Teachers, Students, Community… all invited!

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