• Living Voices - 12 Powerful Stories to bring History to Life

    Living Voices combines dynamic solo performances with archival film and sound, turning history into a moving and personal journey. Many schools and parishes are bringing some of these themed performances to their local communities.

    Winner of the 2017 Governor's Arts and Heritage Award for Education

    Students can journey to a defining moment in time and discover your place in history. Each program has a teacher's guide and a bibliography list to expand the learning.
    12 Programs to choose from:
    • La Causa. Mexican American Farmworkers movement.
    • The New American. The journey to America.
    • Within The Silence. The interment of Japanese Americans during WWII.
    • Hear My Voice. Fighting for women's right to vote.
    • The Right to Dream. Winning the Civil Rights Movement.
    • Through The Eyes of a Friend. Young people during the holocaust.
    • Our Revolution. An African American soldier fights for our new nation.
    • Northwest Passages. Becoming an American in the Northwest in the early 1900's.
    • Journey From the Dust. A family struggles to survive the Great Depression.
    • Island of Hope. The journey through Ellis Island.
    • Klondike: The Last Adventure. A young woman seeking gold discovers true strength.
    • Native Vision. Navajo boarding school students fight in WWII.

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