• Christ in the Classroom Foundation LOCAL Winter Retreats - Data Review

    The Christ in the Classroom Foundation (CIC Foundation) is required for ALL Catholic school administrators and teaching faculty (PreK - 12) annually. The Christ in the Classroom Foundation is intended to be a starting point, not a destination, rather a catechetical foundation for all Catholic schools. The Christ in the Classroom Foundation invests in the school administrators and the teaching faculty of the school community to respond to our vocational call to pass on the gift of our Catholic faith to all in our care.

    Dear School Leaders,

    The 2nd CIC Foundation retreat offering is underway! This additional CIC Local Winter Retreat is focusing on: Task 1: Knowledge of the Faith: Scripture and Tradition.

    As of 2/12/18, 7 surveymonkey evaluations
    have been received and clock hour certificates have been granted.
    1 School has turned in their clock hour sign-in sheet.

    Per the sign-in sheets:
    Total School Employee attendees: _____
    School Employees from High Schools: _____
    School Employees from Elementary schools: _____

    Washington State Clock Hour Sign-In forms received from:

    1. St. Bernadette School, Burien

    Some schools are also launching the CIC Foundation Local Winter Retreats throughout the season of Lent. As schools send in their local sign-in sheet for clock hours, we will update this list to reflect participation. Thank you for your leadership!

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