• Summer Professional Development Opportunities

    As new summer professional development opportunities arise, we will continue to update this page. Title IIA funds can be used for all of these conferences, including lodging and travel costs. Events are listed in chronological order.

    Upstream STREAM Education Conference
    June 21-22, 2018
    Cost: $295 plus lodging
    The Diocese of Buffalo was recently highlighted in NCEA's Momentum Magazine as a best practice model for STREAM Education. This conference highlights the most effective components of the STREAM Education Initiative piloted at 25+ schools within the Diocese of Buffalo since 2014. We now have shared the initiative with 100+ schools across the country with great success.

    Take advantage of this Chicago conference opportunity to elevate educational programming at your Catholic elementary institution, and poise your school to deliver a 21st Century STREAM principled education to our young people while raising the awareness of excellence in Catholic Education within your community.
    You will come away with action items around the eight principles of our STREAM Education Initiative and cultivate a 21st Century STREAM culture within your classroom, school or diocese!
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    Seattle University Summer Institute
    June 25-29, 2018
    Cost: $500- $695.
    Description: The inaugural Seattle University Summer Institute offers a great variety of PD opportunities for teachers and principals. Participants can take a one week course in one of the following areas: Early Numeracy, Creating a STEM-Cessful Environment in Your Classroom, English Language Learners, Leveraging Technology for Teaching and Learning, Secondary Speical Education, Mindfulness Skills, National Board Certification Support, Counseling, Foundations of Social Transformation, and Foundations of Catholic Education.
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    International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Annual Conference
    June 24-27, 2018
    Cost: $595, plus lodging.
    Description: ISTE 2018 is the place where educator-tested strategies come together with proven resources for transforming learning and teaching. It’s also the place to get connected to the brightest minds in edtech, then network with them all year long.
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    NWEA MAP Fusion Conference
    June 27-29, 2018
    Cost: $650, plus lodging.
    Description: Learning strategies for using MAP data to drive improvement in your school. Interact with other MAP users from around the country to learn best practices from those currently in the field.
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    NCEA Institute for Catholic School Leaders
    July 15-19
    Cost: $425 for members, $550 for non-members, plus lodging.
    Description: The 2018 NCEA Institute for Catholic School Leaders (ICSL 2018) is an annual leadership gathering dedicated to serving current and aspiring elementary and secondary principals, presidents, pastors and school board leaders working on behalf of Catholic schools.
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    Leading with an Equity Lens – Exploring the Improved Teacher Leadership Framework
    July 23-24, 2018 and July 25-26, 2018
    Location: Rainbow Lodge, North Bend
    Cost: $195.00 (or $355.00 when combined with “Setting the Stage for High-Functioning PLCs”). Includes one night of overnight lodging at Rainbow Lodge, one lunch, one dinner, one breakfast, snacks, unlimited coffee and soda, and all session materials
    Description: This spring CSTP’s Teacher Leadership Framework was revised and expanded and we are excited to share a new area of the Framework — equity lens for teacher leaders! If you’ve experienced the Teacher Leadership Framework before or not at all, you’ll want to attend this exciting session to explore the updated and improved Teacher Leadership Framework, which describes the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be an effective teacher leader. During this session participants will analyze and reflect on their own strengths and create an action plan for their next steps on their leadership journey with an emphasis on equity. Participants will leave this session with a solid foundation for understanding teacher leadership, as well as materials and activities they can use with colleagues and teacher leadership opportunities to consider and explore.
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    Setting the Stage for High-Functioning PLCs
    July 24-25, 2018 and July 26-27, 2018
    Location: Rainbow Lodge, North Bend
    Cost: $195.00 (or $355.00 when combined with “Leading with an Equity Lens – Exploring the Improved CSTP’s Teacher Leadership Framework”). Includes one night of overnight lodging at Rainbow Lodge, one lunch, one dinner, one breakfast, snacks, unlimited coffee and soda, and all session materials.
    Description: Effective PLCs start with developing relationships and structures to support adult learning. Participants will reflect on current PLCs and explore how to create and maintain a high functioning environment for professional learning. Building on CSTP’s Teacher Leadership Framework, participants will delve into this work from a case study perspective of a Washington school to learn about culture, risk-taking and impact on student learning. Teams of teachers and administrators are encouraged to attend together. Come ready to share PLC experiences, questions and dilemmas to practice learning from each other.
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    Solution Tree RTI at Work Institute
    August 6-8, 2018
    Cost: $689
    Description: What does successful response to intervention or multi-tiered system of support look like when all the pieces come together? The underlying premise of RTI and MTSS is that schools should not delay in providing help for struggling students until they fall far enough behind to qualify for special education, but instead should provide timely, targeted, and systematic interventions to all students who demonstrate the need. This workshop will provide participants with practical strategies to implement a multi-tiered intervention program in their schools.
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    Solution Tree Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute
    August 14-16, 2018
    Cost: $689
    Description: The Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process is increasingly recognized as the most powerful strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement. This institute gives you and your team the knowledge and tools to implement this powerful process in your school or district.
    As you delve deep into the three big ideas of a PLC—focus on learning, build a collaborative culture, and results orientation—you will gain specific, practical, and inspiring strategies for transforming your school or district into a place where all students learn at high levels.
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