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    Catholic Identity Online Resources to Promote Parent Engagement

    Looking for resources related to a specific topic or lesson plan? Want to find out more about the Catholic faith? Here you can find videos, websites, and other helpful resources to assist your Catholic identity needs. Whether it is for personal growth in knowledge of the faith or assistance in supplementing a lesson plan, there are plenty of materials that can be found here.

    Please feel free to share this helpful online resource with your staff, teachers, school families, and parish community. You can even post the link on your parish and or school website as an easy way to share. Linking the resource pages is a great and easy way to share information for a specific religious topic with the entire parish and school communities. New materials are added regularly. Here is the website address for you to share. https://seattlearchmedia.weebly.com/

    We also have our Spanish Online Resources page for those offering catechesis in Spanish. You can share the following link with your catechists, teachers, volunteers and families: https://seattlearchmedia.weebly.com/en-espantildeol.html

    Lisa Hillyard
    Archdiocese of Seattle
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