• Early Bird Registration for October WFIS Legal Seminar

    Private school leaders and executive board members will gain valuable insight on current best practices relating to intellectual property, liability, HR & personnel, new federal/state regulations, school policy/handbook, and risk management.
    Sessions will cover:
    • School Law 101: An Overview of the Laws That Apply in Washington's Private Schools
    • Employment Law Basics: Hiring to Firing, and Everything In-between
    • Religious Schools
    • Non-Profit Status & Governance
    • The Basics of Negligence Liability: Risk Management, Waivers and Releases, Insurance
    • Students: Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying; Adult-Student Boundaries; Mandatory Reporting
    • Contractual Relationship: Enrollment, Employment, Leases, Releases, and Other Agreements
    • Managing Employee Performance
    • Student and Employee Handbooks
    • Employment Law Basics: Hiring to Firing,
    • Wage and Hour Issues and Everything In-between
    • Students: Discipline & Due Process; Internet and Social Media Issues; Accommodating Disabilities

    Closing discussion When All Else Fails: Know When You Need Help and How to Get It will address attorney-client relationship; loss prevention through advising; crisis management; managing and preserving documentation and other evidence; media strategies; investigations; involving law enforcement; and preparing for litigation.

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