• Mathletics Pilot & Promotional Offer

    Queen of Angels, St. Patrick, St Charles Borromeo and St Michael Snohomish recently participated in a 6-month pilot with Mathletics, an online supplemental math resource used by over 5M students worldwide to help build confidence and increase the math skills for those in grades K-12.

    Teachers from those schools were recently asked about their experience and offered the following thoughts:

    • 85% of survey respondents would recommend Mathletics
    • 72% of survey respondents noticed a shift in attitude towards math
    • 72% of survey respondents saw an improvement in student results

    “My students have been really engaged during Mathletics and showing great progress”………Hanna Graves, 4th Grade Teacher, St. Patrick School

    “The program provides tools that are easy to access, efficient, kid and teacher friendly”…………Mary Larsen, 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Patrick School

    “I recommend Mathletics because of the excellent response of the students and the rigor of the program”……Joe Egan, 5th & 6th Grade Teacher, St. Michael School

    “Live Mathematics is my students FAVORITE part of the day because they equally love competing against each other, the world, and even themselves! I have seen leaps of improvement in my 1st graders basic addition facts fluency. It has been amazing”!...Tiffany Ostlund, 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher, St. Michael Catholic School

    Mathletics is offering Archdiocesan schools a special promotional rate of $10/student compared to the normal rate of $18/student. That’s a $1,200 savings for a school of 150 students

    If you are interested in this opportunity or would like a demo of the product, please contact our Mathletics representative:

    Charlie Friscia, Head of Diocese Partnerships
    P: 315-238-5116

    All orders must be placed by June 29, 2018 in order to receive the promotional rate.

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