• SO Airport Welcome Day! - July 29 & 30

    Special Olympics Airport Welcome Day!

    United Airlines Welcome Day at the Airport is the first point of welcome for the athletes, delegation members, families and VIP guests. You are the first faces representing Seattle and the memorable week that is just beginning!!

    Bring your enthusiasm as you perform your role as either a gate greeter, baggage claim assistant or light rail escort.

    How Do I get my Volunteer Credentials & Uniform?

    Uniform kits and credentials will be available for everyone who has not yet picked theirs up at the following locations and times:
    June 28th-July 5th University of Washington IMA (Intramural Athletic Complex) Located in: University of Washington
    9:00am-6:00pm daily
    Address: 3924 Montlake Blvd NE, Seattle, WA 98195
    July 1st hours: 9am-11am only

    What are my roles? You get to choose one of the 3 key roles.

    Greeters will meet athletes just outside the secured area of the airport, offer them a warm welcome and give them instruction about making their way to the light rail platform. One member of each delegation will then be escorted to baggage claim to identify the bags for the entire team while the remaining group is escorted by one volunteer in front and one in back to the light rail platform.

    Baggage Claim volunteers will be identifying delegation luggage by special brightly colored tags already attached to the luggage. You will move it from the carousel to a baggage claim corral where it will be identified by the appointed delegation members. Once the team’s luggage is complete you will load it onto rolling carts and take it to awaiting box trucks in a nearby parking lot.

    Light Rail Escorts will wait for delegations to arrive on the Link Light Rail platform and then escort them with at least one volunteer per train car on their trip to the University of Washington. Light Rail escorts will be tour guides during this 45 minute ride through Seattle’s neighborhoods so do brush up on your knowledge of the area. Once at the University of Washington you will direct your delegation up the escalators or elevators where they will be greeted by another group of volunteers. After you’ve delivered your group safely to the UW you are free to return to the airport for another trip or simply end your volunteer experience there.

    How do I know what to do? - Welcome Day Webinar

    Hopefully you had a chance to tune into the Live/Recorded webinar for Airport Welcome Day so that you understand your role. If not, you can find the link here: Airport Welcome Day Webinar

    Please note that they also mentioned during that webinar that incoming flights on Friday, June 29th have drastically changed recently and now we have NO flights arriving at all in the middle of the day. They have adjusted the daily schedule to reflect the incoming flights, so the new volunteer schedules are: 9:30am-5:30pm and 5:00pm-11:30pm. If you are not able to work during those hours exactly but can still come at some point during the day, please do so. If you would like to opt to work Saturday instead, that’s okay too. Please let the Special Olympics Volunteer coordinators know via: volunteer@specialolympicsusagames.org.

    Where can I Park?

    There will be a limited number of free parking spots designated for airport volunteers. You may also choose to ride the Link Light Rail to your shift and can park for free at any of the park and ride locations along the route including International Blvd station and Angle Lake Station which are both only one stop away.

    Where do I Check In?

    Check in at the Central Auditorium on the mezzanine level of the airport. Look for volunteer check-in signs once you’re upstairs on the third floor, one floor above departures.

    Will there be food and water provided?

    Yes, there will be a volunteer check-in and lounge area in the “Central Auditorium” on the mezzanine level of the airport. There will be plenty of water and some snacks. Please feel free to bring your own snacks, especially if you have dietary restrictions or needs.

    Many additional questions can be answered by visiting the volunteer resource page on the Special Olympics website. Find that HERE

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