• 2018 Fall CIC LOCAL Retreat - The Great Mysteries - The Sequel

    The Great Mysteries: A Sequel – Seattle, Veni Foras!!

    The following core materials and resources are attached to assist you and your CIC Leadership team, in preparing for your CIC local retreat.

    1. CIC Local Retreat Sample Agenda
    2. Fall 2018 CIC Foundation Local Retreat Program(s) 2 pdf options: Handout format or Booklet format; each ready to be adapted. Both are on 8 ½ x 11 paper. Both should be printed back to back in color. The booklet format should be folded and stapled in the middle twice, the handout format should be stapled in the upper right hand corner.
    Additionally as requested, the WORD version of the CIC Local Retreat Program.
    3. The Great Mysteries-TheSequel.2018 CIC School Retreat PowerPoint - ready to use.
    4. Slides Notes Summary to accompany The Great Mysteries - The Sequel PowerPoint
    5. The Great Mysteries.2018 CIC School Retreat PowerPoint in pdf format – alternative version for quick reference.
    6. NO Clock Hour Application Packet needed!!! We have done it for you! Please print out the sign in sheet(s) and return to our office when completed.

    Ancillary Resources to accompany your 2018 CIC Local Retreat:

    Reminder: CIC Local School Retreat Evaluation link and access to clock hours:
    1. Please use the clock hour sign-in form for all participants to sign in the morning our your CIC Local Retreat.
    2. SurveyMonkey Evaluation online form for the LOCAL CIC Retreat (occurring 2019-2020): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/62V287SPlease share link and remind your personnel that when they click "Done" at the end of the SurveyMonkey evaluation, they will each receive a PDF of the clock hours certificate for your local CIC Retreat. Please use the attendance form for all participants to sign in the morning our your CIC local retreat. Please remind them to print or save to their local computer to keep for their records. WA state requires individuals to keep track of their own clock hours, so we recommend keeping clock hour documentation from each professional development session attended.
    3. Please note: PLEASE SEND TO THE OCS: Your local school's Clock hour SIGN-in SHEET and your local CIC AGENDA for the CIC Retreat - attention CIC Program. The CIC Local School Retreat clock hour form has approved generic information cited from Kristin Dixon. The formal presenters are Rev. Ron Nuzzi, Susan Burdett, and Sandy Barton Smith. Kristin Dixon asks your teachers to write the actual date of the retreat when they print out and sign their clock hour form.

    Blessings always,
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    1. Susan Kilbane's Avatar
      Susan Kilbane -
      Thank you Eugenia for sending me this link today. I will lead the St. Cecilia teachers on the Great Mysteries 2.0 retreat on February 20th. We are all looking forward to it. The materials and resources are very comprehensive and clear. Many thanks to Sandy and Susan.

      Susan Kilbane
    1. Boleary's Avatar
      Boleary -
      I reiterate Susan's appreciation. Thank you for making the resources so accessible.
      Bernadette O'Leary

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