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    Published on Sep-03-2018 09:18 AM
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    Friday, October 12, 2018 is the designated archdiocesan day for the CIC Foundation LOCAL Retreats!
    The Great Mysteries: A Sequel – Seattle, Veni Foras!!

    The following core materials and resources are attached to assist you and your CIC Leadership ...
    Published on Aug-27-2018 02:17 AM
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    Dear School Office Colleagues,

    Happy start of the new school year!
    Under the leadership of Superintendent Kristin Dixon, we have reorganized our communications schedule for this 2018-2019 school year. Please see below for our new communications schedule:

    The Bi-Monthly Newsletter, Keystone, will be sent to the principals, presidents and to the pastors the first and third Monday of the month. The Superintendent Keystone will contain all project updates, resources and professional development registrations.

    All teachers will receive the GRACE newsletter
    containing all the important information and resources specific to professional learning communities, curriculum and instruction resources. Any information that the teachers receive will be contained in the Principal/President newsletter.

    The local School Office Support Staff will be receiving a monthly electronic newsletter the 4th Monday of the month as part of our efforts to support this important role for you in the schools. Sandy Barton Smith and Eugenia Geisel will be the author of this newsletter. School Office Monthly Mailing Archives - click here.

    Eugenia serves as administrative assistant and tracks key OCS databases including the CSED, AESOP, and AppliTrack. Eugenia will be out of the office through Tuesday, Sept. 4. If you have questions, surprises or concerns during this time, please call the OCS general phone line at (206)-382-4861.

    3 Helpful School Office Links at your fingertips!
    1. OCS POLICY MANUAL - School Policies - This link connects you with the 4 core sections of the OCS Policy Manual.
    School Office Support Page - School office resources, best practices,and directions live here to support key databases- CSED, AppliTrack, and AESOP.
    3. NEW! Resource Library - This resource dashboard is a new feature on our new website that we are populating heavily as we transition from old website to new website. Scroll and search to see how resources are being filtered so you can find what you need! We continue to house key databases and propriety content in
    MyDesk (old website)

    : Parish Financial Services assists parishes and schools in all phases of financial management and operations. Director Scott Bader and team work faithfully to support our ministries. The PFS monthly newsletters contain pertinent info to help guide and advise.
    Please review the current AUGUST 2018 PFS Newsletter or visit PFS Archives Newsletters
    Toll Free: 800-422-5417
    Fax: 206-382-4279
    Email: parishfinancialsvcs@seattlearch.org
    Website: www.seattlearchdiocese.org/pfs
    Mailing Address: 710 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104-2017

    September Key Events:

    School Counselors Meeting – Friday, Sept. 14th 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM Isaac Orr Conference Room, The Chancery. Mental Health Committee and the leadership of the Diversified Learners Committee are bringing high school and elementary school counselors together! Our agenda goals: 1) Compile an accurate and robust roster, 2) Opportunity for school counselors to meet, esp. within their regions, 3) Provide examples and time for each school to refine their school’s crisis plan, 4) Identify challenges facing each region in the area of mental health, and 5) Share resources for dealing with mental health issues. Counselors will be sent an invitation and registration directly – using work emails from the CSED database. For more information, Maureen Reid at maureenkreid48@gmail.com
    Wednesday - Friday September 19 - 21: School Leaders CIC Retreat, Seabeck Conference Center - Please help ensure your principal's availability as soon as possible.It's an important time for school leaders to be together.

    September Checklist
    - Check new hires for background check and Safe Environment compliance. Background checks and online training must be renewed every 3 years. Questions? Email sep@seattlearch.org
    - Practice fire, earthquake and lockdown drills (schedule for yearly practices).
    - Send yearly student insurance letter.
    (See OCS Forms: Student Insurance)
    - Continue to update staff online data and edit roles and positions in - CSED (Catholic Schools Employee Database)
    CSED Editing Tutorial
    - Frontline Absence Management (Aesop) information and information for teachers
    - New Substitutes? Please review this page for your own reference and direct them to complete this paperwork. They must submit this paperwork prior to subbing.
    - Frontline Applicant Tracking (Applitrack) updates for ongoing hiring

    for your hard work to open wide the doors to our Lord, Jesus Christ!

    If we can be of service, please contact us!
    Sandy Barton Smith sandra.smith@seattlearch.org and/or
    Eugenia Geisel eugenia.geisel@seattlearch.org
    Published on Aug-09-2018 07:48 AM

    Dear School Leaders,

    The following offerings have been vetted by the Mental Health Ministry leadership and both of these offerings are affordable and 2 hours in length.
    Published on Aug-07-2018 11:09 AM
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    2. School Office Mailing

    Dear School Office Colleagues,

    Welcome back!
    We hope you had a wonderful summer! As we gear up to begin the new school year, we wanted to check in as school offices start to get busy with life again. At the beginning of this school year, we also wanted to let you all know that we are currently in a transition between our old website (oscww.org) and our new website (mycatholicschool.org). Please bear with us during this transition as we live in two worlds, and note that the links included below connect you to resources in both the old and new sites. If you have any questions on where to locate a resource, or need access to anything, please don't hesitate to contact Eugenia.

    School Office Support Page: This page on our new site is going to become the landing page for school office resources. Currently it looks a lot like what was on the old site, but we will be continuing to adapt and add to the page this year so it can be designed for what you really find you need during the life of the school year. If there is anything you might find helpful, please feel free to let Eugenia know.

    August Events & Trainings:
    Monday-Tuesday, August 13-14: Kickstart All Principal's Meeting, St. Thomas Church, Tukwila
    Thursday, August 16: New Teachers' Orientation 8:30am-3:30pm, St. Philomena School
    Tuesday, August 21: Follett - DESTINY Library Software Training - AM - Small Issac Orr, The Chancery
    Tuesday, August 21: MDI Formation Training from Maryknoll and Missions Office - Holy Rosary, Edmonds
    Wednesday, August 22:
    MDI Formation Training from Maryknoll and Missions Office offered at the Maryknoll House, Capital Hill, Seattle
    Thursday, August 23:
    1st Diversified Learners Executive Committee Meeting at Isaac Orr Conference Room, The Chancery. 10 - 2 PM Lunch provided.

    August Checklist

    - New Teacher Orientation- Have teachers register and attend
    - Update staff online data and edit roles and positions in - CSED (Catholic Schools Employee Database)
    CSED Editing Tutorial
    - Frontline Absence Management (Aesop) information
    - Frontline Applicant Tracking (Applitrack) updates for ongoing hiring
    - Locate resources to support Curriculum and Assessment this year
    - Review Emergency Plan: Lockdown, Fire, Earthquake
    - Review Records Retention Schedule for Archdiocesan Catholic Schools and Archives
    - Apply for clock hours
    - Confirm Safe Environment Participation and add sign off sheet to files. Background checks and trainings must be renewed every 3 years.
    - Prepare for Government Programs consultation process
    - Review School Handbooks for revisions and additions

    If we can be of service, please contact us! Sandy Barton Smith sandra.smith@seattlearch.org or Eugenia Geisel eugenia.geisel@seattlearch.org
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    2. OCS - Catholic Identity
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