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How to Set up a Facebook Page

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[I](As you probably know, the Archdiocese continues to work on updating their policies related to social media. Upon approval, these policies will allow certain Archdiocesan employees and entities to have a presence on Social Media sites -- such as Facebook -- after completing a brief training. At a Chancery level, the new policies are before the Curia, and should be approved soon. A similar policy/training at the Archdiocesan level (including schools and parishes) is expected to be implemented in 2012. My goal in this and future posts related to Social Media is to share resources and best practices whether you're just at the planning stage or already have incorporated Social Media into your marketing strategy.)[/I]

[URL=""]Mashable[/URL] has just posted an [URL=""]article on creating a Facebook page[/URL]. This is a great "how-to" that is more up-to-date than the one I shared last year. I hope it helps!


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