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Welcome to the Launch of the 2012 - 2013 School Year!

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The purpose of this Curriculum blog is to provide a deeper and on-going conversation about keys aspects of school life that impact and enhance student learning. My hope is to offer each week input, ideas, resources and new layers of opportunities that might resonate for you and your school community.

Your feedback and input is essential and the conversations can continue in the various online forums that are starting to grow. The online forums are established for quick reference, a centralized depository of documents or links, and a way to network quickly with our colleagues. These forums are growing and I hope you will feel comfortable to hit 'post a new thread' to start a new idea or 'reply to a post' to join the conversations and share your expertise and resources.

Curriculum! That's the job! That's the goal! That's the privilege!
The standards-based classroom is here and our schools are doing a very good job pointing to the standards at the local level. A new initiative for schools to track and study is the The Catholic School Standards Project led by Lorraine A. Ozar, PhD. The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECS) contains nine defining characteristics of Catholic schools based on Church teachings, thirteen standards, and seventy benchmarks. Please note: I encourage school leaders to register and login to join the national conversation. This way your school can have direct access with emerging resources.

I value your wisdom and commitment to Catholic education throughout western Washington, and I know we will learn from each other.

Blessings for a happy, healthy and holy new school year,

Sandra Barton Smith
Assistant Superintendent
Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Seattle

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