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    Default 2015 - 2016 South Sound DL Regional Meetings

    Welcome Teachers!

    I am sure that your calendars are already filling up fast! I invite you to add the following South Sound Regional Diversified Learners Meetings dates to your calendar.

    Find your South Sound Diversified Learners Committee members click here
    Find our South Sound DL Regional Meetings at click here

    South Sound region meetings scheduled at St. Michael School in Olympia:
    Thursday, October 22
    Tuesday, December 15
    Thursday, February 25, 2016
    Thursday, April 28, 2016

    St. Michael Parish School. Olympia at
    Directions to St. Michael School, Olympia at

    Possible themes-topics to be discussed at regional meetings include:
    · Sharing of resources (psychologist, therapist)
    · Sharing of lists of outside resources
    · Collaborate on what our schools have to offer (special programs, curriculum for diverse learners) and be knowledgeable of what other schools in region are doing to meet student needs so that we can make referrals within our region
    · Getting speakers in to give seminars to our teachers on how to include diversified learning and differentiated teaching in the classroom. Many teachers are afraid or timid to try it and if it is presented well it can be an exceptional classroom technique
    · Assessment
    · Tutoring programs
    · How to begin collaborating on sources available
    · Shared list of tutors available in our region
    · Collaborate on in-services
    · PD for teachers on best practices for ELA
    · Advanced Learners
    · Communication with parents and families
    · Strategies for implementing interventions
    · Reviewing/ sharing of documents: student support plans
    *Strategies for working with students with ADD - ADHD, Autism
    *Sharing resources and program ideas
    *Identifying students who need extra support - including gifted
    *Assessments used to gather information or monitor progress
    *Different configurations of support for middle school students
    *How is staffing secured? scheduled for? paid for?

    *Record Keeping
    *Parent Communication

    *Building in a lead teacher in your budget to run this at each school

    *Common Assessment documentation of diverse learner support
    *Focus on ELL support. Especially helpful for those schools who have received a grant from Fulcrum for increasing enrollment of diverse populations
    *Additional conversations on specific techniques and structures for differentiated instruction within the math classroom...both ends of spectrum, but particularly how to set up a program that provides challenge opportunities.

    Please keep in mind there will be PD opportunities at TED (October 2, 2015) and March Regional Curriculum Day (March 18, 2016) for on-going DL networking.

    Until then, I encourage you to share the resources provided on the flash drive from the Summer Leadership Institute to others at your school. Please send back topics that you would like to discuss at our DL regional meetings. Please let me know if there are any other members of your school faculty that would like to join and invite them to the meetings as well.


    Antoinette Perez
    Learning Specialist and the South Sound's DL Regional Team Leader
    St. Michael School, Olympia
    (360) 754-5131
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    Minutes from South Sound Meeting on 10/22/15

    Minutes from South Sound Meeting on 12/17/15
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