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    Default South Seattle DL Regional Meetings

    Find your South Seattle Diversified Learners Committee members click here

    A Message from Elisa Cooper, the South Seattle DL Regional Team Leader

    Dear Colleagues in the South Seattle Region,

    How is the year starting out for you? We are wrapping up MAP testing this week and next, and the start to the year has included reading assessments and a flurry of work with the Seattle Public School district to obtain services for many of our students in need, whether through Title I (federal) programs or “equitable services” (district) special education programs. If either of these are territory your school has not yet trod, I would be happy to walk you through my experience, as would many around our table.

    Next, I am sorry on behalf of the Executive Committee that we had a bumpy road in August- postponing and cancelling our first meeting. The good news is, we are on track for the next meeting in the series, occurring on the planned date of October 19, 2017 at St. Madeleine Sophie School near Bellevue. ALL SCHOOLS are invited to send a delegate. Forthcoming meetings are listed below in my original invite.

    My proposal for our regional meeting remains the same as it was in August, plus new items. We have learned so much already this year and I am sure you have something burning to share or ask within our group as well. If you would like to add to the agenda, please email me ASAP. I will publish a brief draft agenda for our regional meeting by next Friday, October 13. Bring a laptop, calendar/school schedule, and any resources / PD opps to share with our group on October 19.

    Can you attend? Please reply back to me or to this group to let us know if you can stay for the working lunch following the DL Executive Committee meeting at Saint Madeleine Sophie.

    Change of guard? If you would like someone other than you, representing your school, to be contacted for our regional diversified learning committee, please (a) share that info. in an email with me directly and (b) forward them this invitation.

    Best regards,
    Elisa Cooper
    Diversified Learning Specialist
    Saint George Parish School (web)
    M.A.T., University of Portlan
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